About Us

We are a family business, we  started Van Dyk Pharmaceutical Products in 1982. We manufacture a wide range of Dermatological products for problematic skins such as Eczema and Psoriasis. Our products were formulated with the help of local Dermatologists to give the user a product that is unique for our south African climate. Not only do we manufacture but we also distribute direct from our factory in Lanseria to the rest of the country, as well as to Namibia and Botswana

Our range consists of creams, ointments, pure glycerine soaps, facial washes , shampoos and our very popular sunscreens. The little ones now have their own range of products called Baby and Kids. Our products contain no perfume of colourants that can harm sensitive skin. This range was born from feedback from moms saying that the black and white Epizone products is not very children friendly and unappealing for the baby rooms. So now the little ones have their own Epizone and Xeroderm range of products in bright and colourful packaging. Our baby and Kids products can be used on even the most delicate new born skin.

Where to buy

Our products are available throughout South Africa from leading dermatologists and the following pharmacies.

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Skin Care for Your Precious Baby.

Baby and Kids by Epizone is the preferred solution for sensitive and dry skin in babies and children. It is also a treatment for skin conditions such eczema in babies in children.