While your baby is in your tummy, your maternal instincts kick in with every movement they make, you automatically rub your tummy. Almost as though saying, hi to your little one, letting him know that mom is here. As your little one grows, the skin around your belly is put under a lot of strain. By gently messaging with Epizone A or Epizone E, you can reduce stretch marks by keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised at the same time. The touch motion on your belly while massaging brings you closer to your unborn child.

Born too soon

Premature babies probably benefit the most from touch. Even in an incubator a gentle rub to their fingers let’s them know that mom is there. At this fragile stage, a preemies growth improves phenomenally with a mothers touch. A mothers voice, touch, smell and her hugs during kangaroo care all benefits a preemie in many ways, creating that special bond between the two. Premature babies often suffer from dry and flaky skin due to neonatal circumstances. Aqueous creams and petroleum jelly are often used to soothe their sensitive skin.



“Premature babies probably benefit
most from touch.”





When bringing your little one home, to whole new world – he only knows mom’s precious touch. The safety of a mother’s arms brings calmness to a newborn especially during bath times.

While you ensure that your little feels calm during bath-time, make sure that skin is extra nourished using a hypo-allergenic Aqueous cream. Newborns and babies love being bathed with Baby & Kids Epizone E because mom is close messaging and holding baby and our products are so gentle on their skin.




Baby Touching opportunities:

  • Massage baby’s skin with Epizone E.
  • Apply Epizone E prior to bathing baby and Epizone A as moisturiser afterward.
  • Gentle whisper touches and butterfly kisses (eyelash kisses).
  • Gym with babies, hold baby on shin or chest and lift.
  • Light touches on bridge of nose between eyebrows, especially when sleepy.


Trick: Pass a tissue gently over eyes, baby will fall asleep in no time.





Toddlers often can’t self soothe – hold them until they calm down. Tickles, swinging, dancing, letting them walk on your feet, touching ears, cheeks and hair are perfect for mom and baby touch times. Toddler massages and bath times are fun and soothing. Apply Epizone E after a bath to “stretch and ease out knots” and relieve tension in their little legs easing growing pains.








Children of this age often get over stimulated in some cases unresponsive to anything mommy says, unless it involves sweets or playtime. Picture the emotional first day of school when you and your little one has to seperate for the first time. Get ready for tears meltdowns and tantrums.

Here’s what to do when its Tantrum Time. Go down to eye level, speak calmly, soothingly, if not enough, gently hold until calm, ruffle hair, swing little ones in the air. Manis and pedis with Epizone A are bliss.








When your children reach the Tween stage they probably don’t want to use “baby products”. What a perfect opportunity to have them take ownership of their skincare. Get them their own jar of Epizone A or Epizone E especially for sensitive skin.

They will still need your soothing touch; so lay in bed, hug hello and goodbye, give them quick kisses, manis & pedis, massaging sport injuries, high 5s, random hugs and dances. Back rubs and muscle eases – their bodies grow at a rapid pace.







They snuggle on couches watching movies, going for drives, walk arm in arm for close proximity but give them the physical space they need. Pamper your teen with a hand massage (especially during exams), back rubs or manis & pedis with Epizone will go down as a treat.

This is a time where they start taking special care of their skin. Introduce your teenager to skin care products such as the Epizone range, for face, body and hair care. Moms know best, that a good skin care routine provides extra nourishment and protection.






A mother’s touch, love and understanding – through the years of their children’s lives, is what makes all the difference in the world.


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